Direct Your Streaming TV from your hands with just your thumbs - produce a multi-cam social media TV show.

Direct Your Streaming TV to ALL Social Media

Direct Your Streaming TV Show on Social Media – a multi-cam production – with just your thumbs!

Support our TV project on Fundable now, and quickly learn how to Direct Your Social Media TV.

Direct Your Streaming TV to more viewers and furnish a real multi-cam show.  From your mobile.

You’re not used to thinking of your little phone or tablet delivering network-quality programming to many audiences at once.  Also, you’re not used to thinking of TV from your phone (and your friends’ phones) as ‘programming’ at all.  Yet we aim to change that.  We’ll offer you a new tool that literally puts a TV control room right in your hands.  You operate it with your thumbs, so it’s easy!   Please click to watch the video above.  Easily furnish quality mobile TV that will earn you bigger and bigger audiences.

Furthermore, you can host a real multi-cam TV show of your event.  Stream to Facebook LIVE *and* Youtube LIVE (and anywhere else) using your friends’ phone cams and your thumbs!   So is a personal (and business) streaming TV ‘control room’ you can use from your phone or tablet.

Turn any event from a party, a bat mizvah, a dinner party, a business meeting, a birthday party, a quinceneros, any event, stunt or achievement into a multi-cam televised event that appears (and is recorded) both on Facebook LIVE and on Youtube LIVE (and nearly anywhere else you choose).  No tough choices as to which venue to use to reach all your people.  Your friends just whip out their phones and go to the shortlink you send them and contribute to your show from their phones/cams.   Hence, you have a multi-cam ‘production’ just as if you had hired a TV crew.

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Watch our video above.  Please visit our dummy demo here.

We place a TV control room in right your hands.  Anywhere!  And it’s coming soon.   Please look in to our Fundable project and help us along (it’s really advanced tech that takes a lot of expensive programming).

…and if you are wondering, we haven’t wavered a bit on creating and supporting corporate e-commerce and political activism/voter data web sites.